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Investors - Software Features

LOAN SERVICING SOFT allows for a multitude of ways to tie loans to investors and/or mortgage pool and fund member or shareholders. Once your loans /mortgages and investors/pool fund members are set up in the software all investor reporting and funds distribution is automated. Investor /pool fund member can be paid out both by check or ACH/EFT electronic payment. Investor reporting includes both printable reports and also live web portals that attach your website for a seamless and extremely professional look and feel, and end user experience.

Software Feature Summary:
  • Assign Investors on a Loan by Loan Basis Including Fractionalized Models
  • Mortgage Pools and Fund Members or Shareholders Also Supported
  • Trust Accounting and Servicing Fees
  • Software Auto Generates Printable Investor/Pool Fund Member Reports
  • Live Investor and Fund Member Web Portals with Professional Look and Feel