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Screenshots of the LOAN SERVICING SOFT platform

My Control Panel

The LOAN SERVICING SOFT system gives each of its users a configurable dash board, My Control Panel that allows all users to work together in a streamlined and efficient manner. All important tasks are driven by individually or group assigned workflow. In addition tasks can be created and assigned by any and all users allowing for sophisticated and powerful workflow and task management. Easily create and manage your lending operation from loan origination, underwriting, and doc prep to loan servicing, collections, and reporting.



Fully integrated collections tops off and completes the LOAN SERVICING SOFT lending platform. Easily assign your collections activities to individuals or groups with our easy to use, workflow and task management. This functionality along with our software to TAPI dialer integration, configurable actions and results, and collectability scoring make the LOAN SERVICING SOFT system a truly scalable collections solution.



Our loan servicing system manages all of your contacts along with a complete audit trail and comprehensive document management. Send and receive payments, including ACH from and to any contact. Classification is unlimited, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Everything feeds into the powerful LOAN SERVICING SOFT reporting engine making our software platform truly a complete solution.


Electronic Payments Sending

Automated investor remittance via both printable checks and ACH electronic payments. Trust deed investment model and pool fund member or shareholder models both supported.

Electronic Payments Sending | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Electronic Payments Setup

LOAN SERVICING SOFT allows for all payments, both in and out to be done electronically via ACH. Automated Clearing House, electronic payments are made with the banking industry standard NACHA file. The LOAN SERVICING SOFT system automatically generates NACHA files allowing you to drastically streamline the process of sending and receiving funds from one financial institution to another.

Electronic Payments Setup | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Email Manager

The LOAN SERVICING SOFT system can be setup to send preconfigured email messages for billing, reporting, approval messages, web portal login, additional documentation requirements, etc… Combine with ACH or ATM/Credit Card payments to go completely paperless.



Multiple funding sources, Lenders or Investors are a piece of cake with the LOAN SERVICING SOFT loan servicing software system. Service and/or sub-service for absolutely anyone with absolutely any model. Built in trust accounting manages all aspects of fractionalized payment processing. Complete investor reporting with printable reports and flexible, configurable web portals.



At the core of the LOAN SERVICING SOFT lending system is the loan object. Flexible, powerful, and extremely easy to manage as both web applications and in-house applications flow into the system.Loan status then ties into workflow and task management for a single user to hundreds, ensuring procedural integrity while a role based rights architecture provides data security and compliance. Entering in existing loans with history, modifications and specialized reporting, escrow, etc... LOAN SERVICING SOFT can handle pretty much any loan configuration model.


Payment Processing

Our extremely powerful payment processing screen allows its users to easily handle any and all scenarios, including regularly scheduled payments, regularly scheduled payments made early, principal pay downs, and irregular add on fees along with automated import and batch processing for things like lock box services and other external payment processors.

Payment Processing | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Pulling Credit Reports

LOAN SERVICING SOFT allows you to manually pull credit report data quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. Or setup and configure the system to pull credit in a fully automated fashion. Tradeline data is then combined with income data for top and bottom ratios allowing for a quick decisioning process.

Pulling Credit Reports | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Standard Reports

LOAN SERVICING SOFT makes reporting quick and easy with our pre-configured standard reports. The system ships with a complete set of pre-configured reports or you can create and edit your own reports with our easy to use, build-in report builder/editor. Reports can be ran manually at any time or configured and scheduled to run according to a schedule.

Standard Reports | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Trust Accounting

Our loan servicing software platform is equipped with a completely integrated trust accounting backend providing automation, accuracy, and compliance for an unlimited number of subsidiary accounts. Perform settlement/closings, escrow administration, manage funds in and out for an unlimited number of clients.

Trust Accounting | LOAN SERVICING SOFT

Web Applications

Take applications from your website and have the data flow directly into the LOAN SERVICING SOFT platform. From there you can manually review and decision your borrowers or set up the system to auto run credit reports and decision your loan applications in a fully automated fashion. Borrowers can even be sent an email with your decision message along with login information in real time so they can login and upload required documents. These completely integrated borrower web portals can practically automate the entire loan origination process.

Web Applications | LOAN SERVICING SOFT