Escrow Analysis & Administration
Our loan software includes a fully RESPA Compliant Escrow Analysis and Administration Solution


  • RESPA Compliant Initial and Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statements included

  • Make payments via check and/or ACH

  • Manage your borrowers Taxes and Insurance payments along with payments to any other vendors

These disclosures are automatically generated with your borrowers loan data by the LOAN SERVICING SOFT software platform.

Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement - pdf

Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement - pdf

Escrow Analysis Disclosure Statement
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The LOAN SERVICING SOFT platform automates the entire escrow analysis, administration and impound account management process including annual account analysis and the Escrow Account Disclosure Statements as required by RESPA. All other documents and letters that you will need in order to clearly communicate the annual analysis process to your borrowers are included.

Overview / Feature Sheet - pdf

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