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LOAN SERVICING SOFT - Best-of-Breed Loan Servicing Software

LOAN SERVICING SOFT is a best-of-breed loan servicing software platform, or mortgage LOS, designed from the ground up to increase lending and loan servicing efficiencies and empower lending professionals. With a modern, comprehensive feature set, including loan origination, loan servicing/note servicing, collections, trust accounting, multiple investors, reporting and much more, the LOAN SERVICING SOFT lending system simplifies and streamlines the business of lending like no other loan servicing software on the market.

The LOAN SERVICING SOFT loan servicing software platform is also extremely flexible, scalable and easy to use, making it an ideal lending solution for several industries. We proudly serve the following markets: mortgage, private money lenders/note servicers, institutional loan servicers, commercial loan servicing, auto/vehicle loan servicing including auto title loans, hard money loan servicing, non-profit lending, government lending, micro finance loans, and medical lending/loan servicing.